Chemical Cubes

Chemical Cubes V.1.03

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*Chemical Cube's lighting is optimized to look best on Smartphones / Tablets.
-For best results use Mozilla Firefox.

*To Play in full screen, just right click on the game screen and choose "Go fullscreen".
Unity Web Player | WebPlayer

Unity Web Player | WebPlayer


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Chemical Cubes is a game where rows of colored blocks continuously flow across the screen from left to right. It’s up to you to line them up in columns of the same color before they hit the laser zapper at the other end of the screen. Score points for every row successfully cleared, with combo bonuses for multiple adjacent rows of the same color. Additional colors and increasing cube movement speed add difficulty as the game progresses. Chemical Cubes is fun to play for people of all Ages.

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who knows (Anonymous)2012-09-22 4:00am
TAO 4 life

Kol (Anonymous)2012-09-27 4:21am
TAO 4 eva eva

Eric (Anonymous)2012-10-26 2:32pm
Hard mode looks amazing

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